This is going to be the continuation to the previous post

I had put together a list of tasks that you can build as a part of your practice or R&D and am gonna let you know them in this post.

If you try to put together all the tasks I will be mentioning, it’s going to be a discussion forum.

So let’s get started.

These are the functionalities we need to build for a user


  1. Interface to create a new post.
  2. Option to Upload a image post.
  3. User should be able to tag a post.
  4. Display list of all the posts.
  5. Users should be given the option to upvote and down a particular post.
  6. List the posts in the order of higher upvotes
  7. When you click open a post, you can see the description of the post along with time stamps.
  8. When a post is viewed, user should be shown the tags too and each tag should be a clickable link. When the user clicks on the tag, he should see list of all the posts filtered on the specific tag.
  9. Right below the post and and it’s description, there should be a commenting engine. Users should be given the option to comment on a post.
  10. Users should be given the option to reply to comments. Something like a chained commenting engine.
  11. Users should be given the option to upvote and downvote comments too.
  12. Search functionality for the posts
  13. Advanced Search. Search posts before/after a specific date, by a specific user and with a specific keyword.
  14. User should be given badges based on the no of upvotes. Say, if a user gets 5 posts which have more than 500 upvotes then he becomes a silver member and etc. At this point of time we are not interested in the additional functionality the user gets when he gets silver,  gold or platinum badge.
  15. Email confirmations when a new post is created, update by the user and when gets a badge.
  16. Option to Flag the post NSFW[Not Safe For Work]
  17. Record the views of the post.
  18. A particular will be able to see only the views of a particular post where as admin gets to see views of all the posts.
  19. When displaying comments, only 2 comments and expand other comments when user clicks on show more.

These are the functionalities that we need to build for an Admin


  1. Admin should be given the option to edit and update a post.
  2. Admin should have the option to delete a post
  3. Admin should be given the option to archive the post.
  4. At-mention the user about the post update using REST API or Chatter Connect.
  5. Admin should have the option to enter few stop words and based on the stop words when a user tries to insert a post, he should be shown a flash message.
  6. Admin should have the option to silent ban a user, where in the user can make a post but it will be visible only to the posted user and it will not be visible in the homepage.
  7. Analytics of a user. i.e no of posts made per day, week, month and etc. Top voted post of all time, trending post and etc.
  8. Admin should be able to mass edit and update posts with checkboxes.
  9. Export all posts as CSV

These are the tasks that you can start working on. There are a whole bunch of them and you will be working with different concepts in the process of building these functionalities.

Share your progress in Twitter, Insta and Facebook that way it’s going to be helpful to others.

Likewise feel free to tweet me in case you are stuck from somewhere, so that I can guide you in the right path.