I often get lot of emails and messages on social media from developers asking, do I undertake Trainings on Salesforce & Lightning Platforms and the answer is both Yes and No.

Let me explain! Yes I do Train folks on Salesforce and No I dont consider every enquiry that I get.

Personal Trainings are not my main stream business — I run and maintain Salesforce Casts, which is a SaaS service that's focused on training global audience on Salesforce Technology and am heavily into Corporate Trainings.

But if you ask me what's one of the few things that I had been passionate about ever since I started programming then I would say Training is one among them. It gives me immense happiness when I see a developers transformation from the beginning of his sessions towards the end.

I get my job satisfaction when I see a developer writing code all by himself towards the end of the training program.

And the ultimate job satisfaction is when my trainees come up with a better solution to a problem/task than the one I had come up with and oh YEAH this happened a couple of time too.

Training is something that I can do at any day of the week and any hour of the day. All I need is someone who is really enthusiastic towards learning things.

All I look at is — is the trainee should be really interested in learning how are things built and how things works, rather than, just focusing on finishing off the training in a week or so. I cannot just throw information in a hurry and expect you grasp 80% of it.

You will also be given tasks in the middle and I would love to see trainees taking them seriously and work on them towards a solutions, rather than just ignoring it and waiting for me to come back with answers.

For me always the end result is important. I would rather spend a week extra to train you better if I feel its necessary, rather than focusing on finishing the training with in the stipulated time. You might not be a good programmer that's absolutely fine. In-fact thats when the game becomes even more interesting, because, thats when it's a real challenge to me.

As a result of that I had to turn down many nice folks from training, am really sorry if one of you is reading this. It's just that I wanted the best for you and nothing apart from the best.

Also, there are many other perks that am entitled to when I do personal trainings

  • I always get to be in touch with the concepts and be updated about the new enhancements.
  • I get to know nice folks. I made some really good friends in the last 10 years doing personal trainings.
  • And finally I get paid for doing what I love❤️.

Usually all my slots are advanced booked and at times I will be booked for 6 months straight. If you need any other information as to the topics that I train and day wise schedule that I follow you can email me

Am sold! What's next?

Please email me, let's see how you are placed and how's my schedule. From there we can take things ahead.

I want to advance book my slot, is it possible?

Yes! Infact all my slots get booked in advance. In case you want to book your slot you can do it by clicking any of the links below.

Salesforce Administration, Development & Integration

In this Training Program we will start with the basics of Salesforce Administration and then we will be looking at how to customise things using the Development Frameworks and finally we will be ending it with understanding how to Integrate Salesforce with at-least two platforms using REST API along with POC's. You will also be getting access to all the repos used in the training.

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Lightning Development Training

In this Training Program we will start with basics of Lightning and then we will jump on to the Advanced Topics and finally we will end it building few POC's

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Can I get the invoice so that I can get it reimbursed?

Why not! Just send me an email with all the details and I will get it done for you.

Do you share any code samples during the training process?

Yep! I will share few Github repos that I published and maintain. You can fork them and start doing your practice.