In this episode we will be talking about basics of REST API, what does it do, when is it used, structure of the API URL’s, HTTP status codes, Response Format and other useful things.

What is REST API ?

REST API is an architectural style that we use to make sure 2 way data transfer happen between platforms which are built on different platforms.

What are HTTP Status Codes?

When we send a request from browser, server gives us back response and it will have some other useful information associated with it. One such piece of information is Status Code, this will let us know what happened at the server when we send the request.

Types of Response Format

We will also be discussing about the different formats in which the server sends us back the response. Mostly used response types are JSON and XML, out of which JSON is mostly preferred. I tried throwing some light on advantages of JSON over XML.

We will also be discussing about few scenarios that I built consuming REST API.

Please check it out.