Did you ever experience that?

At least I experienced it — when I started my programming career back in 2008. In this email am gonna tell you how to overcome such feeling.

Let’s try to do root cause analysis of the actual problem.

What just happens when you start writing the code all by yourself?

Nothing comes to your mind?

Fine, let me give you am example.

Do you drive a car or ride a bike?

When you started learning it, were you able to drive it how you drive now?

When you barely learned how to drive, was there any situation where your mind just blanked out not knowing what to do and applied brakes all of a sudden?

Did you stop learning driving, then?

The same thing applies to programming too.

If nothing comes your mind when you sit to write the code it’s because you have not acquired the required skill.

Should you give up then?

Absolutely NO!

What should you do then?

You have to go through enough code samples.

Where to get the code samples from?

Try installing some free unmanaged packages from AppExchange and start analysing the code.

When you do enough of it, when you start working on a task you will just know what has to be done based on skill you acquired.

Once you zero down on what concepts are needed, the next thing is to refer the respective documentation and start using the syntaxes.

It’s just like how a google map appears when the destination is properly marked. You would know the exact route & turn to take, you will just refer the map and reach your destination.

Then comes the next question ..

Do you have to memorise syntaxes?

The answer is…

You can’t.

And you shouldn’t try to.

It’s absolutely fine to refer to documentation when you know what to do.

Technology world is changing very rapidly and what’s relevant today might not be relevant tomorrow.

Don’t waste your precious resources on memorising stuff.

What can you start building after you acquire some skill?

I had put together a list of few simple tasks that you can work upon.

I will be sending them in the next email.

Until then ..

Stay Tuned!