Weekly Update - Salesforce Lightning Framework Web Series

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Heyoo ...

Before I tell you the videos we added this week .. I have an exciting news for you.

I will be creating a new series only on Lightning Design System(Designing for Developers) and all the existing premium(PRO) subscribers will get a FREE upgrade to it.

Am sure everyone of us would have thought at-least once, that, designing in Salesforce is not our cup of team and we would have called for help from the UI team even for a small UI fix. The wait is OVER. You will be able to build any UI related thing all by yourself, if you finish off the up-coming series.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin

If you haven't subscribed to our Salesforce Lightning Web Series and if you can do it here before this weekend, you get FREE upgrade to Lightning Design System(Designing for Developers).


These are the videos we added in this week.

Developing a Form Wizard from scratch
1. Creating a form wizard and splitting one form into three steps.
2. Enhancing form wizard with Progress Indicator.
3. Making back buttons functional and Refactoring the code.
Mastering all the values for Implements Attribute in a Component.

Whats coming Next?

  • Entire session on Field Level Security in Lightning Framework
  • Continuation of Building Reddit Clone Functionality

Thats it! See ya

P.S. If you're not convinced to take up the subscription, I'd love to hear why.