How Did I Conceive The Idea Of 🔥 Hot Tips And How It Started Helping People Save Tons Of Time.

Things I train subscribers on using Lightning Experience

How It All Started?

I have been training people on Salesforce Platform using screencasts for almost 8 years now and for me one of the most valuable thing in the world is my trainees time. I do everything in my potential to make sure I dont waste even a single minute of their’s when it is not required. That’s the only reason you will not find any intro splash screen and fancy ending animations for any of my videos.

One of the main hurdles I often face when I try to make screencasts is .. few things are too small to make a video on but they are crucial when a developer works in real world.

Often a video which lasts less than a minute is considered as a space filler by people which are used to boost the number of episodes in a web-series.

But I didn’t want people to loose out on those small but crucial features/tips/tricks. So, I deiced to risk it and started working on recording sessions which are often around 1 minute. I named them as 🔥Hot Tips and I started sharing them on Twitter and my blog.

How It Started Helping Developers?

Usually developers might have to spend hours of time on researching to come up with a solution or work around, but now they are being served straight on to your plate. All you need to do is spend a minute to check it out when its published. That’s all. Just a minute.

How’s The Reception?

I was skeptical about the the reception but so far the response has been a complete shocker to me and I was overwhelmed by the response.

Its been only 5 Tips that I have shared and I have been receiving Thank You emails from people saying that these Hot Tips have been literally saving tons of time and effort.

::Just imagine how much knowledge rich a developer will be when he accumulates 30 such Tips and goes through one Tip a day for 30 days, straight.::

Whats The Path Ahead?

I will continue to curate these Tips 🚀 on regular basis and I will be blogging about them. Also am planning to come up with a challenge where I will accumulate 30 such Tips and publish them as Instagram Stories, one a day.

Learning will be fun that day. I somehow feel its will revolutionise the way learning is pursued these days 🕺🕺🕺 #JustAHope