Hey folks...

Today we will talk about the role Salesforce Lightning Training play in making a career on Salesforce Platform. I will not beat around the bush - training alone is not going to take you anywhere unless you get a solid grip of the underlying concepts of the Framework.

I get atleast a couple of emails per week from complete strangers seeking my guidance on - signing up for a training program apart from trailhead.

Should I sign up for a Salesforce Lightning Training program?

Hell yeah !! Signing up for a training program is always advisable, provided, you couple it with practice. Salesforce Lightning Training will introduce you to the Tech but it's not going to take you a long way without practicing. Likewise, along with your R&D attending a training program will expose you to all the tips and tricks experienced developers would have accumulated over a period of time.

So, I definately suggest everyone to sign up for some formal training.

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest - Benjamin Franklin

Done with Salesforce Lightning Training. What Next?

My advice would be - go start building something. It can be a pet-project, it can be very very small, etc.. etc.. that's absolutely fine, Just open up the developer console and start writing code. Untill you write code you are not going to encounter the nitty gritties and eventually master it.

Also, once you are done building up something cool, push your code to Github. It's a great way to get feedback from fellow developers. It also makes it easier for your employer to judge your skill.

What's it after Lightning Experience?

Once you are done with Salesforce Lightning Training, It's advisable that you hop onto something called Salesforce DX. It's a cool Tech that Salesforce has come up with to take care of continious deployment. That's the future.

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