User Record Settings in Lightning Experience

Do you know we can change the record page UI to look somewhat similar to the pattern that we can observe in Lightning.

If you are a huge fan of the UI / UX in Salesforce Classic just like me then you are going to love this feature.

Let me give you some background about the UI / UX that we get access to in Salesforce Classic.

When we open any record and scroll down we will find whole bunch of related lists. We will find related lists for Activity History, Open Activities and etc.

Where as with Lightning Experience that's not how it works. When we open a record, there will be a tab called related, when we navigate to the tab, that’s where we can find all the related lists.

Likewise when we click on details tab we will find all the fields associated with the record.

Also, to the right of the screen we can find Activity based information.

Basically all the information is grouped and shown in tabs and sections.

All the information being grouped into tabs and sections

Though I like Lightning Experience when it comes to working with the platform, I find Salesforce Classic's UI / UX very helpful and intuitive when I do corporate trainings. Participants tend to understand the software easily when I walk them through Salesforce Classic's UI.

If you want to change Lightning Experience's tabbed view to have scroll view (like how we experience it in Salesforce Classic), this is navigation you need to take.

This is the navigation we need to take

And this is how the record page changes when we change the configuration.

You can see scroll view and not tabbed view

Now Lightning UI doesn’t have tabbed view rather it has scroll view.