Export functions and variables from a Lightning Web Component

When you create a Lightning Web Component it’s going to have some boiler plate code.

Our Lightning Web Component is going to extend ‘LightningElement’ that’s how we use a few functions and variables in our Lighting Web Components and they work off the hook without any configuration.

What if I don’t want all the features that we get access to off the bat in a typical Lightning Web Component and what if I want to use the LWC only to have some variables and functions, such that these helper functions and variables will be used my multiple other Lightning Web Components?

We can have a plain old JavaScript class, house a few functions and variables in it, then finally export it into any other component that needs them.

Here is a sample code

function calculateTax(){


function calculatePrincipleInterest(){


const myRecordId = ‘xxxxxx’;

export default { calculateTax, calculatePrincipleInterest, myRecordId }
import { LightningElement } from 'lwc'
import { calculateTax, calculatePrincipleInterest, myRecordId } from ‘./helperScripts/helperScripts’

export default class ExploreHelper extends LightningElement{


Hope this is helpful!