Teachable vs Podia - What Did I Choose?

Teachable vs Podia - What Did I Choose?

I train people on Salesforce & Lightning Platform which is world's best CRM.

To sell my courses I was using a platform which I developed to take care of my students, sales and lessons. Soon it became hard for me to manage the designing, development, deployment part and focus on making screencasts.

Initially I was using Vimeo PRO for my video hosting and for some reasons I wanted to shift to Wistia. I had to do the Integration and I was postponing the development work. All day I was focusing on making screencasts and all lot of things were happening in personal front and I simply couldn’t focus on the development.

Also,back then I was accepting payments with PayPal and I have no words to explain my experience working with PayPal. But then it was getting work done and I was running my whole business on PayPal. Later I came across PayPal killer, Stripe. I badly wanted my site to be customised to start accepting payments using Stripe.

But then, as I mentioned earlier I was simply postponing it.

And one fine day I was watching a YouTube video by Mackenzie Child and he was talking about something called With Coach(which is now Podia).

My first impression on seeing it ..

Woah that’s exactly what I need !!

I signed up for the trial account, the same day I subscribed and guess what I had spent 45 mins and my super sexy storefront is up and LIVE. That’s how my journey started with Podia.

Ever since am with Podia.

Why Podia

I tried a couple of other platforms too, one of them is Teachable. It sure has a lot more functionality than Podia but it’s bloated. The options are hidden with in and it’s hard to find them.

The user experience[UX] is not great at all. Though it’s powerful, lack of better user experience, hard to find options made me to go with Podia.

These are few highlights which made me to zero down on Podia.

→ Gorgeous User Experience

The user experience is so awesome that am sure you will end up using it if you give it a try. Period.

→ Simple, Yet Powerful

  • All the options you need will be right in front of your eyes. There is nothing that can miss your sight. Few options appear so simple, in-fact they are not that simple — the UX is in such a way that it appears simple. Being a developer I know how hard it is to get something like coupon codes to memberships.
  • Their drag and drop interface for arranging lessons, sections is the so smooth that you will fall in love with it.
  • Their quick checkout option is dope.
  • They have a complete portal developed for trainers to get in touch with students with ease.

And the list goes on and on.

→ Constantly improvising the Platform

They constant add new features to the platform and at the same time they make sure the platform doesn’t bloat and becomes confusing.

I think am one of the initial members of Podia and when I started using Podia, the following things were not there and they were added eventually.

  • Memberships were not there.
  • Coupons to memberships were not there.
  • Drip content was not there.
  • Editor to customise courses sales pages and storefront was not there.
  • Integration with major marketing platforms was not there.

and many others were added eventually. You always want to have someone like this to have your back when you focus on curating the content, isn’t it.

→ Excellent Customer Support

I remembers Spencer personally assisting me to setup my storefront. If I have anything to communicate I know that I can shoot Spencer an email and his team will take care of it.

Of the many things that made me opt for Podia, one aspect was their customer support.

How’s Podia

It’s been awesome so far

  • Great customer support
  • Hardly 10 mins and my new course goes LIVE. Very helpful for me since I upload weekly new videos.
  • I love their monthly new functionality implemented emails.
  • I know I have mentioned it many time but let me highlight it once gain, great UX.

Would you recommend Podia to others?

Do I really need to answer his? Of course yeah!! Don’t even think twice, just go for the kill.