Rest operator in LWC

Let's look at how to use the rest operator in LWC using some snippets of code.

When we get the data from Apex methods we will be working a lot on processing the data, as a part of it we will be using rest operators a lot in LWC.

We will take a different route in this post.

Let's look at what is rest operator in general and you can use them as it is in your Lightning Web Component.

Let's say I have an array with 4 elements and if I were to fetch a couple of the elements from the array (to use them in the business logic) I can use the below syntax.

let [firstName, lastName] = ['Krishna', 'Teja', 'Salesforce', 'India'];
console.log(firstName); //Krishna
console.log(lastnName); //Teja
snippet using array destructuring

There is a possibility where I might need the rest of the elements in the array for later use, so what am gonna do is, I will store the rest of the elements in an array such that I can reach out to it in case I need it.

Am gonna refactor the above code to this!

let [firstName, lastName, ...details] = ['Krishna', 'Teja', 'Salesforce', 'India'];
console.log(firstName); //Krishna
console.log(lastnName); //Teja
console.log(details); //['Salesforce', 'India']
Refactored code with rest operator

We are using rest opeator using the notation ...details to store all the elements of an array that are left out after array destructuring.

Hope this was helpful!