This is my Gear, Hardware & Software.

This Is My Gear, Hardware & Software.

This is my Gear, Hardware & Software.

Often I get emails asking the Monitor I use, Microphone I use .. stuff related to my audio setup and apps that I use. Hence, I decided to write a blog post, so that I can point them to it when ever I get emails from enthusiasts.

I take a lot of time to make my mind, when ever I want to switch to new software/hardware, but once I do it, there is a very less chance that I will not use it.

Lets start ..


  • Visual Studio Code is my go the Editor since Salesforce released few extensions in VS Code under the hood of SalesforceDX.
  • Theme that I use for VS Code is Cobalt2 developed by WesBos.
  • iTerm is the Terminal that I use.




ScreenFlow — All the videos I make are brought to life by ScreenFlow. If not this software, I wouldn’t have pursued the option of making screencasts/videos.

Podia - This is the storefront I use. I only focus on creating content and the rest I leave it to Podia. I have written my experience using Podia here.

Things — I cannot imagine my life without this app. I dont know what got me hooked to this App. But it just works for me. There are some decent alternatives, I tried all of them, but Things just worked for me.

CloudApp — As I train people I get lots of emails asking doubts, I find it time consuming replying to those emails with text, hence I do a quick video recording(or GIF) using CloudApp and send it across.

BearApp — This is my favourite note taking app. Couple of reasons I love this app is, it supports Markup and their themes.

Typinator - I use this for canned responses. Handling emails is a major challenge and I automate a lot of stuff using this piece of Software. I

BackBlaze — Backup is the backbone of my business. I cannot afford to loose my work or a video at any cost. BackBlaze backs up my complete Mac in the background without any hassle.

Google Drive System — I have1TB plan with GSuite, though I delete a file from my Mac a copy is always there in the Google Cloud.

ConvertKit — This is my email marketing platform and it is doing a fantastic job.

Rocket — I use Rocket App to for all the cool emojis, which you usually see in System.debug() and Console.log() statements.