Aura MCQ's

A few MCQ's on Aura Components.

What are the advantages of lightning ?

  1. Event driven architecture
  2. Better cache management
  3. Device aware & Cross browser compatibility
  4. Availability of out of the box components?
  5. All the above

Do we need to create a custom domain to develop lightning components?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Can we Include one lightning application to another lightning application?

  1. Yes
  2. No

What’s the annotation used to invoke an Apex method from Aura Components?

  1. @future
  2. @isTest
  3. @AuraEnabled
  4. @cacheable

Aura is a ____ based framework?

  1. MVC
  2. Dependency Injection
  3. Component
  4. None of the Above

What’s the notation used to declare a variable if its value has to be constant?

  1. var
  2. let
  3. const
  4. All the above

Is it a mandate to end every statement with a semicolon in JavaScript?

  1. Yes
  2. No

What’s the purpose of Attributes?

  1. Handle the events
  2. Take care of navigation between components
  3. Invoke init handlers
  4. Pass data from parent to child components

How can we interact with data in Aura Components without using Apex?

  1. Lightning Data Services
  2. Lightning Design System
  3. Lightning Out
  4. Lightning Locker

  1. How to ensure FLS while working with LDS?
  2. We cannot use LDS when we want to maintain FLS
  3. It’s taken care of Automatically with LDS
  4. There are a separate set of tags that we need to use when we need to implement FLS
  5. None of the above